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Children's Picture Books

"Children's early years will see words and their meanings begin to make sense. I hope my stories and illustrations, my characters and words, will tumble around in their growing imagination." Justin Wrake

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The Books


Wonky Shoe

Wonky Shoe is a children's book about a circus clown who gets a wonky shoe. The book is a fun story about how it happens and how he gets it mended to perform again.


Bye Bye Swashy

Bye Bye Swashy is a children's book about an old pirate on his last adventure. The book introduces us to his many animals and pirates he has met over the years, as he says goodbye to them all.


Sleepy Witch

It is quiet at the pond. Noisily a gold wand tumbles from the grey sky. Brown Duck arrives and takes it for her new nest. Things continue to go badly for Witch after she falls to sleep on her travels. All ends well though when two unlikely characters come to her rescue.

Justin Wrake's aim is to develop a child's imagination and help them explore as they grow. We hope our books will achieve that.

The books have a simple message and simple illustrations to allow children to develop and learn from. The illustrations capture the atmosphere of the text and aim to entertain and keep giving each time they are seen.


The Books

The books have a simple illustrated story or poem with a simple message to stimulate a child's minds.


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Gifts, Greeting Cards

Created using the illustrations of Justin Wrake. Also available are gifts and cards.

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